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Transitional care

Bridging the gap for your best care

Transitional care coordinates patient care when someone receiving care physically moves from a hospital to a rehab center or back to home. 

A move usually means a change in your care and the people who provide it to you, so it's important that everyone communicates effectively from one location to the next so you receive the care you need. Doctors, nurses, therapists, and others involved in your care or your move will work together for your benefit. Securely shared Information like history, care plans, medications, follow-up appointments, and more, helps everyone care for you better so you reach your health goals faster. 

It's also important when transitioning back home that your home is a safe place to continue recuperation. Sometimes changes are needed in the home to protect you during a recovery period. Transitional care assures you have that safe place.

Transitional care is important because it means a healthier outcome for you and a speedier return home.

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