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  • Julie Noone

What a treasure

Updated: May 20, 2019

This letter to the editor appeared in the Northwest Herald.

To the Editor:

What a treasure we have right here in Crystal Lake: Fair Oaks Rehab Center! Three weeks ago, I had knee revision at Mayo Clinic. Then I was sent to a rehab/nursing home. The experience was horrendous and I left after only 24 hours. My daughter and husband contacted Fair Oaks to see if they would admit me. Thank God they did! We then drove the 300 miles in -35 degree temperatures to arrive at this splendid facility.

Did you know that Fair Oaks is rated higher than Mayo’s Rehab center? Joyce, the administrator, and her husband are kind and have a welcoming, uplifting spirit which permeates the spirit and quality level of expertise of every employee and I had 10 days to view this. The treatment was consistently superb from the CNAs to the LPNs to the nurses to the OT and PT specialists.

Additionally, the very same therapists then do the home health care and I can return there for their excellent outpatient therapy. Fair Oaks ranked in the top 30 nursing facilities in Illinois and their PT is rated 5 out of 5! How fortunate we are to have such fine care right here in our midst.

Michaelene Mikus

Crystal Lake

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